Dark Souls 3 inspired rooted bricks

General / 19 June 2021

discovered the splatter atlas node

Desert Lighting Studies

General / 10 January 2021

Decided to take some time to work on a small project practicing my lighting, utilising UE4'S Atmosphere system as well as Realtime Raytracing. It was a really fun challenge coming up with all the different scenarios that would create interesting results. Assets used were sourced from Quixel's megascans library, Mixamo and The vehicle game UE4 project.

Stylised Stone Tile

General / 20 December 2020

Chilled Sunday session playing around in designer. I went for a more stylised look this time round.


Helmet Sculpting Substance Designer

General / 11 December 2020

Decided to bite the bullet and try some actual modelling completely within designer this is my result. I am fully aware it is extremely simple, but you got to walk before you can run 

NodeVember 2020 Week 1

General / 09 November 2020

For at least the first half of this NodeVember i decided to go with the theme Heaven and hell. The first week I have spent developing various hellish materials taking inspiration from Molag Bals Plane of Oblivion Coldharbour from ESO

Happy Halloween!

General / 27 October 2020

been really busy over the month of October so only had time for a small Halloween asset so i decided to go with a quick experiment in substance designer creating a pumpkin from scratch using no external software except for generating the basic primitives. I then decided to use the pumpkins in a quick scene . I hope you enjoy!